Dr. Lovail M. Long, Sr.  is a prolific storyteller, playwright, producer, and founder of DC Black Broadway, the premiere theater production company in the Washington, DC area. But really, he is a visionary. A man who believes in the unquestionable power of second chances. A voice for people who have been counted out but still continue to rise. 

Raised by a single mother, Lovail’s life and success are proof that broken homes can birth whole men. He will tell anyone listening that women’s wisdom taught him everything he knows, and it has been that wisdom, a willingness to follow God and an unshakable sense of self-belief that made him who is today. And while his vivid life has taken many unexpected turns, it has the makings of an unforgettable legacy.  It was one of those turns, his six-year incarceration, that would define the next chapter of this life. While in prison, he met his lifetime creative partner and mentee, Salahuddin Mahdi. Their friendship would be the catalyst for a dream to bring the beauty of the black experience to the stage for the world to see—a dream Lovail didn’t know he had until he did. A man who once despised reading and writing, he discovered a passion for playwriting. His dream is now fully lived out through his production company, celebrated for retelling classic American stories through the black lens. With Lovail at its helm, DC Black Broadway is breaking ground, amplifying black voices, stories and hometown heroes in a way that never been seen before. 

Lovail’s life has been one God-guided success after the next. A true trailblazer, his first major production, The Giz, a colorful Go-Go flavored rendition of The Wiz, has thrilled thousands. Debuting in 2018, the production made history as the first stage play to grace the stage at National Harbor’s MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. He has won awards and accolades all over the Nation’s Capital, from the distinguished wall of legends at Ben’s Chili Bowl to the stage of the Go-Go Awards. Beloved by the people, Lovail is committed to carrying the mantle of the greats who have walked before him, continuing to preserve a city, a culture and the craft of storytelling that tells our narratives in a way that only he can do.

Lovail Long received from the Breakthrough Bible College & Theological Seminary, Class of 2020, The Doctor of Humane Letter and the President's Awards from Dr. Anthony T. May, PhD. making him officially Dr. Lovail M. Long, Sr.


Salahuddin Mahdi, is a Playwright, Author and Co-Founder of DC Black Broadway. As the youngest member in DC Black Broadway, Salahuddin love for writing became a priority for him. He choose to spend his time developing his craft and learning the theater business, while perfecting the art of playwright. Salahuddin's motivation was always to make his family proud. His favorite quote is, “Being a young man from the inner city, where there is nothing but trouble to get into, I am happy to say I choose to be great and to do better.”

Salahuddin is best described as always enjoying a good laugh among family and friends.  Salahuddin is a DMV native who represents and identifies with millennial's. Salahuddin has spoken on many platforms, including online, radio, and TV in hopes to reach his peers and to share his success story that if it can happen for him, it can happen for anyone. 


Salahuddin began his Literary Career by authoring “Against All Odds” and “Politics as Usual.” Salahuddin partnered with Lovail M. Long, Sr. and Vernon O. Williams, III, and Co-Founded DC Black Broadway.  Salahuddin was blessed to be a Co-Playwright, making his debut with The Giz-Go Go Musical, which won local and national awards, three to be exact. Salahuddin is currently working on his next book, True to My Religion, along with new and exciting stage plays and dinner theater skits.


Stay tune--Mr. Mahdi is just starting--the sky is the limit. His motto -- “Giving Dem Hope University – GDHU.”

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