'Da Golden Girlz' is a modern day spin on the 80’s hit TV show, 'The Golden Girls'. Picture it, four African American ladies, Bianca, Rosie, Dorothie and her feisty mother Sophie, are back together again in the new millennium. 'Da Golden Girlz' will take you on a journey of their friendship and bonds, as they go on a series of hilarious adventures that occur in today's society. Bare witness as Rosie's big breakup pushes her back into the dating scene. Will Rosie's friends help her find true love?  Come experience Dorothie's sarcastic comebacks, Rosie’s clueless comments, Bianca's sexy energy and Sophie's golden stories, as DC Black Broadway takes you back to the 80’s. 'Da Golden Girlz' will have you laughing as they bring back your favorite TV show in a Dinner Theater setting.

Written By:  Dr. Lovail M. Long, Sr.
Directed By:  Lisa Reneé Marshall
Cast:  Anita Wade as Sofie

Akiba Robinson as Rosie
Kim G. as Bianca
Kathleen Vaughn Crosby-Brooks as Dorothie